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Do I need a Cannabis Retail License to Open?

Yes. Alaska became the third state to legalize recreational cannabis in 2014 with the passage of Measure 2. Voters approved medical marijuana with Measure 8 in 1998. As of March 2019, Alaska allows on-site consumption for an additional $1,000 fee.

What are the Cannabis Regulatory Agencies?

The Alaska Department Commerce, Community, & Economic Development oversees the Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office (AMCO) which governs all cannabis related business in the state

How can I apply for a license in Alaska?

Applications are accepted through the AMCO website. You will need to have a valid MyAlaska account and an Alaska business license number in order to apply.

How much does a dispensary license cost?

The application fee is $1,000. The dispensary license costs $5,000. Each person listed on the application must pay a $48.50 fingerprint fee.

Will I need to get local authorization to get a license?

Yes. As part of the application process, a valid business license must be presented to AMCO. A business license will be issued through the local municipality and will ensure all buffer laws are followed.

What are the customer age requirements for Alaska?

Adults ages 21 and up are permitted to purchase cannabis in Alaska.

What time can I open and close my dispensary?

State law allows cannabis retailers to operate between 8am-5am. Local jurisdictions may impose their own set of operational hours on dispensaries and supersede state law.

Who do I report to for state compliance?

Alaska requires an extensive tracking system for cannabis. AMCO handles all compliance matters and contracts Metrc for statewide reporting.

Are there daily purchase limits on cannabis?

Yes. Consumers may purchase up to 1 ounce flower or 7 grams of concentrate. On-site consumption purchase limits 1 gram at a time.

Can I start a delivery service in Alaska?

No. Though there are delivery services in Alaska, they operate without state approval.