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Wyoming Lawmakers Discuss Cannabis Legalization

June 15, 2021

As neighboring states open cannabis markets, Wyoming lawmakers are discussing the best route for cannabis legalization in their own state. However, the progress of these measures in Wyoming has not been as per the lawmakers’ expectations.

Activists proposed several bills in this regard. The most recent one was proposed in the last legal session that terminated this past week. The legislation, although pretty conclusive, was not approved due to there being the opposition.

Therefore, in essence, the year 2021 was not as productive for Wyoming activists as other states who succeeded in legalizing the herb. Consequently, Wyoming lawmakers are more motivated than ever to file the cannabis decriminalization bill along with medical cannabis ballot measures.

Wyoming Cannabis Legalization

As of 2021, Wyoming is among the states where cannabis is not fully legalized. Unfortunate, but true. Therefore, this Friday, activists took the authorities and proposed two bills in this domain. The first legislation is about cannabis decriminalization in Wyoming.

According to current law, there are severe lawsuits one has to face if one is caught with cannabis. The bill would make the law more gullible for the public; people would be allowed to pass with a small fine if they were carrying under four ounces of the herb. Moreover, the legislation would also counter the excessive jail time and neutralize it completely.

Considering the current state of Wyoming, this is a huge step forward that would lead up to further positive rulings.

Medical Marijuana Outlook

On the other hand, the Wyoming cannabis legalization ballot measures would account for patients to grow, possess, and carry the herb in limited amounts. According to this ruling, patients would be allowed to carry up to 20 grams of cannabis, and its derivatives, for 30 days.

Besides, the bill also caters to the challenge of demarking which patients are eligible to use the herb as a medication. There are over 12 qualifying conditions for medical cannabis treatment. They include epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis, cancer, HIV, and glaucoma.

It is to be noted that no patient excluding the 12 mentioned conditions would be given the liberty to use the herb as medication. Understandably, no special rulings would apply to them.

These rulings are under review by the state after they were proposed this week. State representative Marshall Burt joined the lawmakers to file these two measures. They will be reviewed by the Houses in the upcoming legal session starting in 2022.

Contributed by Ali H.