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Push Notification Best Practices for Cannabis Dispensaries In 2023

March 30, 2023

Push notifications have become an essential part of the digital marketing landscape, especially for cannabis businesses in the United States and Canada. They offer direct, real-time communication with your audience that can significantly boost user engagement and retention. But how can you ensure you’re using push notifications effectively? In this blog post, we’ll dive into the best push notification practices for 2023 and a tool specifically tailored for cannabis companies.

Best Practices for Marketing Push Notifications


Personalizing your push notifications is essential for increasing engagement and conversion rates. Use dynamic content, such as the user’s name, location, or browsing history, to make your notifications more relevant and enticing. Personalized messages show your users that you understand their needs and preferences, which can lead to higher click-through rates.


Segment your audience based on factors such as behavior, location, interests, and preferences. This allows you to tailor your notifications to each group, increasing the likelihood that they will resonate with your users. A well-segmented audience can lead to higher engagement, more conversions, and ultimately, better overall results.


Sending push notifications at the right time can significantly impact your conversion rates. Analyze your users’ behavior to determine the optimal time for engagement. Avoid sending notifications during periods of low activity or when users may be asleep, as this can lead to notification fatigue and decreased effectiveness.

A/B Testing

Continuously test and optimize your push notifications to improve their performance. A/B testing can help you identify which elements, such as headlines, images, or call-to-action buttons, are most effective at driving engagement and conversions. Use this information to fine-tune your notifications and maximize their impact.

Clear and Concise Messaging

Ensure your push notifications are clear and concise. Users should be able to understand the message and the desired action within a few seconds of reading the notification. Overwhelming users with too much information can lead to disinterest and decreased conversion rates.

Optimize Frequency

Strike the right balance between too few and too many notifications. Sending too many can lead to users becoming annoyed and disabling notifications altogether. On the other hand, sending too few may result in missed opportunities for engagement. Monitor your analytics to find the optimal frequency for your audience.

Rich Media

Including rich media, such as images, videos, or emojis, can help make your push notifications more visually appealing and engaging. Rich media can grab users’ attention and encourage them to interact with your notifications, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.


Springbig is a marketing automation platform specifically designed for the cannabis industry. It offers a suite of tools, including push notifications, SMS marketing, and loyalty programs. With its industry-focused features, such as age-gate verification and compliance with cannabis marketing regulations, Springbig is an excellent choice for businesses operating in this niche.

One of the key advantages of using Springbig for cannabis businesses is the absence of industry-related keyword restrictions. In the past, many CRM platforms imposed strict limitations on the use of cannabis-related terms in marketing messages. This made it challenging for dispensaries to create engaging and informative content that resonated with their audience. Springbig, on the other hand, understands the unique challenges faced by cannabis businesses and provides a platform that allows them to communicate freely with their customers without fear of penalization or restricted reach.

Springbig stands out as the best tool for cannabis dispensaries due to its seamless integration with IndicaOnline POS software. This integration allows for more efficient and streamlined marketing efforts and a better understanding of customer behavior and preferences. With IndicaOnline and Springbig working together, dispensaries can easily access customer data, track purchase history, and create targeted marketing campaigns.

In conclusion, choosing the right push notification tool and implementing best practices can significantly improve your marketing efforts’ effectiveness and increase your business’s revenue. Personalization, segmentation, timing, and testing are all critical components of a successful push notification strategy. By incorporating these practices and utilizing tools like Springbig for industry-specific needs, you can create engaging and convertible push notifications that drive results for your business.