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New Marijuana Dispensary, Local Amsterdam, Opens in Interbay, Seattle

March 20, 2020

Located on 15th Avenue, Local Amsterdam Cannabis Dispensary is gradually cementing its place as one of the leading cannabis dispensaries in the small neighborhood of Interbay in Seattle, Washington. 

While this dispensary opened back in February, the owner Ryan Drost revealed that a bigger opening has been planned once a couple of factors are in place. Interbay is one of the few cities in the country with an excessive number of dispensaries. Surprisingly, this does not deter Drost who believes it is the best location for a cannabis dispensary. 

New Dispensary Opened 

Ryan Drost while speaking to newsmen stated that “when I discussed with my wife, we unanimously agreed that Interbay was a great location”. Drost further revealed that “it looks like there is a lot of potential here in Interbay and I thought it could be the perfect place for a new dispensary”. 

To help his store stand out from the crowd of dispensaries in the neighborhood, Ryan revealed that he and his wife are taking a different approach. They are currently focusing on what products residents really want as opposed to offering a wide variety of products just to boast selection.

Ryan Drost’s Cannabis Dispensary Experience 

When it comes to the management of a cannabis dispensary, Ryan Drost is not new to the cannabis industry and managed Longview dispensary back in 2014 after the use of recreational cannabis was legalized. With Longview being a successful dispensary, Drost thought it would be a perfect idea to open another dispensary in the small yet dispensary saturated neighborhood of Interbay. 

Local Amsterdam is currently open seven days a week with reports speculating that it will be open for more hours daily. They recently launched their online store for their cannabis and other cannabis-related edibles. This is an idea that most dispensaries in the country and continent are trying to adopt as it has the potential to increase sales especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.