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New cashless ATM by IndicaOnline

July 25, 2022


IndicaOnline is thrilled to announce the release of SWIPE – our new Point of Banking system (POSB) aka cashless ATM. This product allows you to accept debit cards and process them directly into your bank account.

The Time To Upgrade Is Now

It’s time to get on board with the future of cannabis sales and use the proven point of the banking system to help your business grow and thrive in the new era of legalized cannabis. As more states legalize cannabis and the industry expands, the competition will get tougher. With offering card payments you’ll gain a competitive advantage over other dispensaries that are still using traditional cash-based methods.

Offer Convenience

Tired of having long lines at the ATM at your store?
SWIPE accepts all debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Apple Pay, etc. Eliminating unnecessary cash in your transactions fastens the whole sales process up to 20% by reducing wait times.

Less Cash, More Customer Spending

Cashless transactions can increase your customer satisfaction hence it will increase customer spending. Our research shows that customers are spending up to 30% more with cards vs cash. SWIPE allows you to process up to $800 per transaction.The funds will settle in one business day to your corporate account.

Better and Safer Process

Dare we mention the employee efficiency improvements?! No need to count cent by cent. By seamless integration with IndicaOnline point of sales software all the calculations are done automatically.
Our POS automatically sends the charge amount to the terminal including the flat ATM fee, the customer swipes the debit card and the POS immediately shows the budtender how much change to give the customer. Even the tip management is easier with SWIPE.

Less actual cash also minimises the risk of theft or robbery and lowers the risks of human inaccuracies and errors.


Providing your customer with card payment options is just another step to offering them the same modern shopping experience that other retailers do. It’s just another tool that keeps them coming back to your business.
Schedule a call with our sales representative and start taking advantage of SWIPE today.
Better Service. Faster Process. Happy Customers. More Revenue.