Joe Biden Cannabis Legalization

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Joe Biden Maintains Position on Not Legalizing Cannabis at the Federal Level

January 23, 2020

Potential democratic nominee Joe Biden, has distanced himself from the public yet against by holding firm in his stance against legalizing cannabis. In an interview with the New York Times editorial board, the 2020 presidential candidate was asked to further explain his approach. Biden states that his stance is moderate but let us be real, it is not. Biden explained that science has been his key platform against the incumbent. 

Medical Marijuana Research

Biden stated that he was arguing in favor of more medical studies. Prevailing research has not provided him with a suitable answer. Instead, cannabis should be decriminalized enough for the medical community to continue with their research. 

In Biden’s view, it is up to the medical community to determine absolutely whether cannabis does cause more problems. To be frank, Biden has not changed his stance on cannabis as a ‘gateway drug’. After receiving major criticisms after voicing his stance during the democratic debate, Biden has just rephrased the same problem

Anti-Drug Abuse Act

Can you really expect anything more scientific from the man who helped draft the Anti-Drug Abuse Act. An act that made crack offenses 100 times more severe than powder cocaine, leading to rampant racial injustices and economic devaluing of entire communities. Biden claims that he regrets his stance and the damage it caused. 

Prevailing science did not seem to matter much when he was supporting this act. Crack is cocaine in rock form. It was cheaper to make and breakdown leading to the rise in poor neighborhoods that could not afford cocaine: the rich people drug. 

If Biden was so interested in helping medical research he would at least try to lift the ban on cannabis clinical studies. This out of touch dinosaur wants more research on a plant that cannot be studied because it is illegal. Yet, refuses to make it legal without more studies.