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Connecticut Raises Purchase Limits for Marijuana Patients

October 22, 2021

In Connecticut, almost 54,000 medical marijuana patients will now be allowed to purchase 3 ounces of cannabis in a month. The effort aims to provide marijuana patients with better access to treatment for their health conditions.

Details Of the Effort

The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) announced the purchasing amount increase. Medical marijuana patients can now purchase 3 ounces of cannabis. Previously, this month, the limit amounted to 2,5 ounces. 

The Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Protection Michelle Seagull stated that the palliative effect would help some patients. 

Seagull also said to the Medical Marijuana Board of Physicians Friday,

“Patient need and cost will be a natural cap for a lot of people.”

He added,

“Making medication accessible to qualifying patients is a top priority, and increasing the allotment is an important recognition that there are some patients who may benefit from more than 2.5 ounces a month. While cannabis growers in our State prepare for the anticipated increase in demand in the adult-use cannabis market, it’s vital that they are also able to continue to supply patients in the medical marijuana market.”

The marijuana taxes will not be the same as recreational cannabis taxes. Adult-use cannabis has been legal since June 2021. However, people will not be able to buy it until 2022. 

Other Measures

Earlier in October, the Department of Consumer Protection representative announced that medical marijuana patients are allowed to access treatment at any licensed dispensary across the State. 

“This change will provide greater choice and better access to patients who rely on these products,” stated DCP Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull. “It also provides patients more flexibility if their preferred dispensary does not have their medicine in stock.”

Previously, patients were allowed to purchase cannabis products from the dispensary facility designated to them and registered with the Department of Consumer Protection.

Dispensaries can also start delivering to patients so that they avoid long lines. However, no dispensaries have begun delivering. 

The Department of Consumer Protection will go on evaluating the medical cannabis market for further improvements.