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Illinois Cannabis Equity Licensing Legislation Reaches Governor

June 2, 2021

Illinois is hoping to right the wrongs of the drug war by instituting a cannabis equity licensing program for cannabis businesses. According to state Governor JB Pritzker, equity is the core of cannabis allowance in the state, and without this essential factor, the rules will remain inefficient, unfair, and impractical. Therefore, the emphasis on equity licensing has been evident from the first step.

In that regard, legislators proposed a bill in the Illinois Senate. The legislation was revolving around the permittance of cannabis licenses. Previously, there has been little to no focus on the matter, which is why there is discrimination in the state, in massive amounts.

Illinois Senate Passes Bill

Fortunately, the Senate reviewed the bill and passed it this Friday. The bill aims to create new licenses for marijuana vendors all across the state. This legislation would grant them a renewed model to sell, hold, and contain hemp.

The licenses allotted will be given purely on a merit basis. The state Governor has himself given the assurance that the bill will is a measure to promote equity in the state and to put discrimination based on caste and creed to a permanent end.

The Illinois Marijuana Equity Licensing Bill also called the House Bill 1443, is set to create two novel cannabis dispensaries that would offer a total of 110 new licenses to deserving vendors from all over Illinois. Creating new lotteries and the issuance of new licenses from scratch will ensure that there is utter transparency. Furthermore, the primary objective of the bill, equity, will also be promoted via this initiative.

Illinois Cannabis Social Equity Licensing

In addition, the bill also aims to clear all the dilemmas associated with the previous legislation on the matter. As per the previous law, there were 75 dispensaries spread across the state. Due to a lack of proper profiling and an improper check and balance system, there were unfair allotments and other issues. This bill will clear up any ongoing disputes over the dispensaries that have been revoked.

Furthermore, Pritzker says that this newly approved legislation is a step in the right direction. It aligns with their long-term goal of creating a seamless cannabis system in the state, with a flawless distributive operation. The bill will end the harsh reactions faced by communities who were on the receiving end of these drug wars.

The Governor ensures that everyone will be given an equal opportunity to participate. In fact, he especially mentioned that the communities who suffered would be given a fair opportunity to work in the industry and make it grow together.

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