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How to increase your customer base with Sweede?

June 7, 2022

Like all entrepreneurs, dispensary owners need to promote and market. Promote or perish, as they say.
As the number of dispensaries and the goods they are selling are increasing, it is essential for dispensary owners to find ways to attract new customers, as well as maintain the existing ones. With Sweede’s all-in-one you can manage the entire marketing workflow.

Easy to use, fast and reliable – our marketing platform is designed for cannabis dispensaries of all sizes. You can manage all aspects of your marketing campaigns from a single dashboard.Our product provides a flexible management system for both products and locations. You can also use our software to send emails, SMS or manage loyalty programs.

SMS and Email Marketing, Push Notifications

Send messages when you want: welcome new customers, follow up with people who’ve left items in their carts with push notifications, thank customers for their orders or let them know about special offers.
Keep track of all the results of your communications campaign: check how many customers have opened an email or clicked on a link; see which campaigns had the best open rates; find out which offers were most popular among your clients; and learn what percentage of people unsubscribed from your mailing list after receiving a message from you.

Loyalty Programs

A good customer relationship management system is the best tool you can have to help you manage and keep track of your customer base, as well as grow it. By keeping up with the details of your most frequent patrons, you’ll be able to create more personalized offers and send them messages based on their preferences.
Sweede offers a full suite of tools to help you build your e-commerce website, manage your inventory and sell online.
Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for both customers and merchants. We’re always looking for ways to improve our service and make it easier for everyone involved!
Would you like to learn more about the best ways to engage your clients? Just Book a Demo and we’ll set up a time to tell you how it works.

About Sweede
We’re Sweede, formerly known as Potify. We were founded in 2016 and have been operating for licensed dispensaries of medical and recreational cannabis across the USA and Canada. Recently we have undergone a massive rebranding in which we decided to take our product to the next level. In May 2022, Sweede was launched with a new look, new features and much more.

Sweede.io is IndicaOnline’s product. IndicanOnline is an all in one solution for cannabis retailers and it entails e-commerce platform, delivery and point of sale software.