Saskatchewan Cannabis Reporting

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Dispensary Software Simplifies Saskatchewan Cannabis Reporting

November 28, 2018

As each Canadian province established their own regulatory system, marijuana dispensaries will be required to provide track and trace information on sales and inventory. Saskatchewan cannabis reporting is fairly detailed and there are several data points that must be submitted. Fortunately, there are dispensary software systems that can simplify cannabis compliance reporting for Canadian retailers.

Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority oversees the regulatory process and collects all the reports from marijuana retailers. These reports are then submitted to Health Canada for federal tracking purposes. There are a few thing that recreational cannabis retailers should know before submitting their compliance reports the SLGA.

One of the first things that the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority will want to see is that your storefront is equipped with a dispensary POS software that is capable of tracking all cannabis sales. Retailers must prove they have a operational point-of-sale system when registering for a permit from the SLGA.

They are very specific as to the functionality that the system must have to be approved for operations. The dispensary software must:

  • Complete customer transactions

  • Maintain inventory

  • Generate files for ordering

  • Generate files for reporting and remitting taxes

  • Generate files for reporting cannabis sales and purchases

  • If the system is within a larger framework of an accounting system, it must be able to keep records and reporting separate from other business records in that system

  • Provide reports that can be submitted in a CSV format according to SLGA specifications

All sales and inventory data should be tracked for Saskatchewan cannabis reporting including any returns, recalls, and spoiled product. All registered cannabis retailers will need to send the SGLA monthly reports in CSV format for the time being. This may change in the future if Saskatchewan chooses a track and trace software which would allow dispensaries to integrate their POS software for automated reporting.

Cannabis Reporting Requirements

Until they find a more efficient way to track the sales of cannabis, the SGLA has released specific stipulations for retail compliance reports. IndicaOnline’s dispensary POS system has one-click exportable reports for all of the monthly reporting requirements listed below.

Product inventory quantity and book value (excluding any federal or provincial taxes) for:

  • Opening inventory, by category

  • All additions to inventory, by category, including:

                 • Purchases made within Saskatchewan

                 • Purchases made outside Saskatchewan

                 • Returns from customers

  • All reductions to inventory, by category, including:

                 • Online sales to end consumers

                 • In-person sales to end consumers

                 • Sales to other Saskatchewan retailers

                 • Recalls

                 • Product used for sampling purposes

                 • Destroyed product

                 • Lost or stolen product

                 • Returns to supplier

  • Employee count information, including

                 • Management

                • Administrative

                • Sales

                • Production

                • Other

Any dispensary in permitted to sell recreational marijuana in Saskatchewan should consider using signing for a free trial of IndicaOnline’s POS software to simplify cannabis reporting.