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CO Governor Raises Cannabis Possession Limit

May 25, 2021

The governor of Colorado, Gov. Jared Polis, signed a bill on Thursday to increase the cannabis possession limit twofold for adults in the state. This bill signed by the governor solves a myriad of problems that Colorado locals faced due to the tiny amount of cannabis they were allowed to carry.

Several states throughout the United States are becoming more considerate regarding cannabis laws. The past two years have been especially beneficial for the state of cannabis laws in the United States. Numerous conservative states are accepting the herb’s prevalence. Furthermore, medicinal marijuana has been legalized in a lot of states like Alabama and Texas.

Besides, the states in which cannabis is not yet legalized as working day and night to get the marijuana legalization bills approved. As the legislation needs to pass through ALL the House Committees and the Senate, it needs to be flawless.

For instance, this past week, we saw an example of how a lawmaker compelled the court to withdraw the law as it had some technical issues which most people wouldn’t even notice. Nonetheless, there are states in which, despite hemp being legal, its usage limit is not practical.

Colorado Cannabis Possession Limit

Such states with unrealistic laws are working to legally improve their cannabis limits, be it possession, cultivation, or consumption. Likewise, the Colorado Cannabis Legalization Bill had been criticized for a long period. It had a mere one-ounce limit for carrying pot in the state boundaries.

According to locals, the one-ounce Colorado cannabis limit was too strict as they could never carry enough herb to get them through the day. And as they were law-abiding citizens, they didn’t want to break the law and were deeply searching for an amendment in the state law.

Polis chaired a signing convention for the bill, which would double the amount of cannabis a person 21 or older could lawfully carry(from one ounce to two). And if that wasn’t enough, the bill did one more great thing for the locals of Colorado.


Many people were detained because of carrying cannabis in amounts over the legal limit. The bill ordered the court to pardon all those whose excess carried amount lies within the extended boundary.

Previously, Polis had endorsed an executive order that granted leniency to 3,000 people charged with possession of one ounce or less of marijuana. His office declined to pardon those with more than one ounce on their records because that amount violated the existing state law. But now, the law will pardon all those convicted for owning under two ounces

Colorado has always been a mixed bag as far as cannabis legislation is concerned. The bill would put boundaries on marijuana sales and restrict medical marijuana recommendations.

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