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California Cops Unite in Opposition Against Cannabis Delivery Services

September 6, 2018

There is a growing debate on the current laws that regulate cannabis delivery services in the State of California. The Bureau of Cannabis Control recently clarified their stance saying local jurisdictions “shall not prevent delivery of cannabis or cannabis products on public roads by a licensed operator.”

Police Petition Cannabis Delivery

California cops have taken a stance against licensed cannabis delivery services and are now organizing to oppose these regulations. At the end of August, police chiefs from across California announced their opposition to the proposed permanent cannabis regulation that would allow cannabis delivery operations to service anywhere in the state despite local bans on dispensaries.

The California Police Chiefs Association, League of California Cities and United Food and Commercial Workers Western States Council have started an online petition to oppose this new regulation. Oddly enough the UFCW union supported Prop 64 but are now attempting to walk back their support of this delivery measure.

Executive Director James Araby stated that, “Regulated marijuana dispensaries have tough security, checks for identity and legal age and strictly licensed workers. If marijuana can be delivered anywhere with virtually no regulation, California will lose these safeguards.”

Delivery Software Advancements

Advocates of the of the proposed permanent regulation are excited that medical patients in locations with dispensary bans who would otherwise be unable to travel to a storefront will now receive the cannabis medication they so desperately need from cannabis delivery services. The primary concern for police is that it would allow the gray market to thrive as these transactions would be off the record and potentially make it easier for minors to purchase marijuana.

Fortunately the argument from California police doesn’t hold much water, especially considering the recent developments for cannabis delivery software applications. IndicaOnline is at the forefront of cannabis delivery technology with mobile applications that are capable of verifying the age of customers, uploading medical recommendations, and processing traceable transactions.

The increased demand for doorfront delivery has motivated IndicaOnline’s team of developers to implement integrations with Google’s enterprise navigation API, giving way for their latest innovative feature, smart order assignment. Dispatchers can now set a specific time frame for delivery orders and the delivery software will automatically suggest drivers that can fulfill the orders within that window.

As for the security concerns for delivery drivers, specific practices and protocols will need to be taught to all courier during training to avoid potential dangerous situations. If there is any suspicious behaviour from a customer, it’s important that delivery drivers know what to do. Customers who cause problems during a delivery can be blacklisted so that delivery staff are alerted before any future orders are ever sent out. Learn more about IndicaOnline's application for cannabis delivery services by scheduling a demo with one of our sales team.