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California Bill for Cannabis Party Buses Approved for Assembly Vote

August 28, 2019

California is beginning to embrace it’s long-standing cannabis culture by approving marijuana delivery services and social cannabis cafes. Recently, a bill was approved by the California Assembly Appropriations Committee that would allow cannabis party buses under certain conditions. Now that SB 625 has made it through committee it will got to the Assembly floor for a vote.

Cannabis Party Buses Regulations

If it passes, this bill will likely make way for even more marijuana tourism in California. However all cannabis party buses must conform to specific restrictions that protect both the driver and passengers. One of the primary stipulations is that the vehicle must include a physical barrier between the driver and passenger compartment and that both are ventilated separately. 

All passengers must be at least 21 years old to ride in cannabis party buses and an employee must accompany the passengers at all times. The driver must warn all passengers that cannabis consumption will take place during the ride and remind them of all emergency exits. 

Additionally, party buses must have tinted windows so that cannabis consumption can’t be seen by the public and the vehicle design must comply with all safety laws and regulations. Aside from bus branding, you will be able to identify these buses since they are all required to have a warning notice stating that cannabis will be consumed in the vehicle and that cannabis is a risk to pregnant or breastfeeding women and impairs driving ability.

CHP Opposes Bill

The legislation made it through committee by a 10-6 vote but the California Highway Patrol has openly opposed the bill. They claim that it “does not have the means to test the barriers” and that the “ingestion of secondhand smoke by the driver could have disastrous results.”

The new law will actually close a legal loophole that already existed allowing cannabis party buses passed by the California Public Utilities Commission. Now any business interested in hosting cannabis tours will need to apply for a license from the state before any paying customers step aboard.