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7 Tips to Help Rank Your Cannabis Website Better

April 1, 2021

Planning to launch your new cannabis website and attracting traffic when you are not the only one in your industry? Today there are many tactics for cannabis marketers just like you. Also, the results are always the byproduct of faithful and constant efforts. 

So, let’s discover the tips and tricks of ranking your cannabis website on top of the search engine ranking pages (SERPs). The blog post caters to all those willing to make the possible variations for improved results.

  1. Optimize Cannabis Website URLs

You must have copied a link multiple times and would have noticed that some are one-line, while others go up to five lines as well. An optimized URL should include a keyword, position on the website (subsections and categories), and a couple of words. Short keywords assist with link building and user interaction. Search engines, just like your visitors, read a URL to get a clue for your website’s contents. Green roads CBD, a company that prepares award-winning CBD products, is a paradigm of the same.

  1. Choose a Right Domain 

Selecting a correct domain name is very important for the better ranking of your cannabis website. It is always chosen before the launch of a website. The website mirrors your brand and suggests your niche. Focus on giving a personal touch and include it as the main short-tail keyword. This also makes keyword-building techniques and content creation easier.

But now the question here is how to give this personal touch to the website? Simple, personal blogs and videos are your paths to add a personal touch to the website. The strategy is to understand the target audience. Also, it is not restricted to any rules and regulations. Thus, you can freely express your ideas and opinions. Videos are interactive, and a higher engagement is possible. You can also insert the short-tail keywords in your blogs for a better ranking.

  1. Pick the Best Hosting Package

For most website owners, content and grammar play a meager role. So, they don’t realize the importance of a clear idea, a look at the website, and its loading time. In reality, things are entirely the opposite. Poor content and grammar can tarnish the image of the website. Thus, placing your company’s website at the end of the SERPs over time.

Moreover, a never crashing and fast loading website is another factor that will help your cannabis website rank amongst the top searches on the SERPs. The same can be achieved by investing in the best hosting package. Efficiency is everything when it comes to SEO.

  1. Mobile Optimization for Cannabis Website

In 2016, there were 177.8 million mobile search users in the US, while in 2021, it hit 211 million. These statistics in themselves reveal that there are a vast number of mobile phone users. The possibility of such a vast number may be that the device is handy. Marijuana enthusiasts are primarily dependent on their mobile phones while searching anything for marijuana online. Thus, your cannabis content should be smartphone-friendly.

  1. Cannabis Website Research Keywords

Keywords have become advanced. Many website owners ignore the keywords and use the sales-centric approach while the rest overfill the content with keywords. Both the strategies are not fruitful. The right approach is to take a midway which is to maintain a balance between both the tactics. Research and add keywords while ensuring the content readability. Use long-tail and low competition keywords for best results. Ranking incites the website owners, while the content incites the customers and readers.

  1. User Search Behavior

Having an idea of how your target audience looks for cannabis products online is essential. Not only this gives you brand awareness, but it also lets you take a top spot. Here again, keywords are of great essence. Thus, knowing keywords is essential.  

Knowing that the keyword plays such an influential role in the growth of a cannabis company online, there are various keyword search tools available online that check the performance of different cannabis keywords. Moreover, you will know which keyword is appropriate for your content. Use only the relevant keywords for maximum growth.

  1. Consistent Content Plan

SERPs prefer a continuous influx of content. Thus, cannabis websites must post impeccable content regularly. Regular posts ensure better ranking and user. The number of pages people visit, the time they spend on each of these pages, and the engagement analyses whether the website is SEO-friendly or not. The tip here is to be ready with the content ideas, topics, and keywords.


When we speak of the online cannabis business, your website can either build or destroy you. Stated above are some of the most eminent Cannabis SEO tips you can use to bring your website among the top five SERPs’ searches. However, while using these tips, ensure that you are feeding users with quality content. Anything without any value is zero; the same applies here. This is because search engines will reasonably promote content that serves the needs of the readers.

Contributed by Liz Thomson