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5 Reasons Cannabis Dispensaries Should Carry Products For Pets

September 15, 2020

Recently, cannabis has been making breakthroughs in the medical world. Once considered a dangerous herb that could trigger mental illness, cannabis has proven to treat several diseases, including certain mental conditions with various cannabinoids. 

The medicinal benefits of cannabis are not only limited to humans. Pets also suffer from conditions such as chronic pain, arthritis, and cancer. Therefore, cannabis products are also believed to be beneficial to pets. 

There is a growing belief that cannabis could also alleviate the symptoms of these diseases in pets. Companies are already producing a range of pharmaceutical products with hemp extracts for pets. 

Does Cannabis Work for Pets

The cannabis plant contains over 100 different cannabinoids. Mammals, including pets such as dogs, have cannabinoid receptors with which these cannabinoids interact. The cannabinoid receptors are located primarily in the brain and the central nervous system.  

The body also has its cannabinoids and endocannabinoids. Together, this system is called the endocannabinoid system. The fact that pets have a similar endocannabinoid system to humans indicates that cannabis can also benefit them. 

Vets have not been left behind in the search for advanced treatments for various diseases that affect pets. Dogs, in particular, get diseases, such as arthritis and epilepsy, which have no cure. Vets believe that cannabis could be beneficial to such dogs just as it is to humans.

Also, there are small differences in the cannabinoid receptors of humans and dogs.. Therefore, dogs need lower doses.  

5 Reasons Cannabis Dispensaries Should Sell Pet Products

1. Cannabis Products Can Alleviate Chronic Pain in Animals

It can be painful to watch your dog unable to take its favorite walk or jump as it used to. It can only lie down and groan painfully. Canine NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and opioid medications are the gold standards for treating dogs with arthritis. But these drugs may not be effective and also come with severe side effects in some instances. 

Research on CBD for the treatment of pets is in its early stages, but anecdotal evidence shows that CBD may help treat chronic pain. Animal studies show that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that could be beneficial in the management of pain. 

2. CBD Helps Dogs With Arthritis

So many dogs suffer from arthritis, affecting their ability to walk. For dogs with this condition, the cartilage lubricating the joints dissolves or gets damaged. As a result, the bone surfaces rub against each other, causing severe pain and discomfort. 

brown and black short coated medium sized dog lying on gray concrete floor during daytime

Arthritis makes dogs lose interest in going outside or engaging in social activities. Many dog owners choose to use cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid derived from cannabis, rather than watch their pets suffer. You can read this informative post to discover various insights about how CBD works to alleviate arthritis pain.

Pet owners who have used CBD claim that the product improves their pets’ health by a great deal. Dogs given CBD can regain social activities and even be able to run.

3. Cannabis Products Treat Cancer In Pets

The worry of most dog owners’ is their pets developing cancer. Yes, cancer is a severe and common disease in dogs. If you have farms in your area, your dog could be at risk because some chemicals used in farms are carcinogenic. 

If you live in such areas, you may not only use cannabis products to treat your dog but also to help prevent cancer. Clinical studies on the role of CBD on dogs with cancer is limited. But there is overwhelming evidence from other animal studies that support anti-cancer benefits. 

Studies have shown that cannabinoids could induce apoptosis of cancer cells in the brains of animals. Furthermore, cannabis products like CBD and THC can prevent tumor growth by blocking their blood supply. 

4. Cannabis Could Treat Epilepsy In Pets

Idiopathic epilepsy affects about 5.7% of pet dogs globally, making it the most common neurologic disease in canines. There is no known cause and cure for this condition. 

Pet owners, however, can now have hope as CBD trials have shown promising results.  A recent study found that CBD reduced seizures significantly in 89% of the dogs involved in a clinical trial to test the efficacy of cannabis in treating epilepsy. 

5. Cannabis Products Are Helpful In Managing Anxiety

Most pet owners can relate to pet anxiety, especially in rescued animals. The fear, anxiety, and stress can negatively impact their quality of life. Getting these animals to trust people and live an everyday social life is often difficult. 

Luckily, cannabis can help such dogs relieve their anxiety and live normal lives. CBD has a calming effect on nerves, which helps animals relax. While there is no clinical evidence to support this, many pet owners use CBD to help dogs with social anxiety. 

Final Thought

man giving medicine to a Siberian husky

While there are concerns about cannabis toxicity to animals, studies show that CBD is non-toxic. In parts where it is legal, you can also buy pure, organically sourced cannabis seeds and grow your own. Given that cannabis pet products are made from hemp, you should not be worried about giving your pet cannabis products. 

Regardless of the potential benefits for pets, the government does not approve cannabis products for pets. So, for those who use cannabis pet products, it is an unconventional approach. So do not expect your vet to prescribe cannabis products for your dog.

Contributed by Liz Thomson