We Stand With Ukraine!

As the war in Ukraine continues, we all find ourselves thinking about how we can help those affected by it.

Our company has tight connections with the Free People of Ukraine as many of our colleagues have friends and relatives who suffered at the hand of the unprovoked Russian Invasion.

We strongly believe that, in these challenging times, any support can play a crucial role in aiding those who need it the most.

For this purpose, we have created a list of verified non-profit organizations that you can trust and safely support their cause. The steps are straightforward: Choose one of the foundations, make a donation, and share it among your friends.

We will always support our Ukrainian families, friends, and co-workers and stand against violence!

Doctors Without Borders logo

Doctors Without Borders

Those Doctors are truly Without Borders when it comes to providing medical help. Donate if you’d like to aid their efforts!

Sunflower Of Peace logo

Sunflower Of Peace

A nonprofit dedicated to providing medical and humanitarian help for people affected by the war.

International Medical Corps logo

International Medical Corps

Medical and mental help is the main focus of the International Medical Corps. Donate if you’d like to help them spread their reach!

HOPE logo


All that it takes is a single donation to maintain HOPE of providing medical supplies to people in Ukraine. Choose this project if you’d like to support their countless efforts!

Razom for Ukraine logo

Razom for Ukraine

This New York-based organization helps not only with aiding people from Ukraine with medical supplies, but also amplifying their voices. Donate if you’d like to support their mission!

UNHCR logo


The UN Refugee Agency makes sure that Ukrainians forced to flee their homes are sheltered and safe. Even a small donation will help them keep going!

Rescue.org logo


Rescue helps people affected by humanitarian crises. Donate if you’d like to aid their efforts in rescuing Ukrainians fleeing the war.

Polish Humanitarian Action logo

Polish Humanitarian Action

Its mission is to make the world a better place through promotion of humanitarian values. Currently, its volunteers are at the border in Dorohusk.

CARE logo


Choose CARE if you’d like to provide food, water, and other commodities for millions of people in Ukraine.