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PharmaCann to Convert Historic Chicago Bank into Cannabis Dispensary Upon Neighbor Approval

March 23, 2020

Chicago based weed company PharmaCann is looking to open a cannabis dispensary at the old Logan Square Bank building at 2551 Milwaukee Avenue. 

Neighbors of this old bank building have been given a chance to weigh in on the plan by PharmaCann to bring a cannabis dispensary to the community. The community meeting was held on Wednesday, March 12, 2020, to discuss the issue. 

PharmaCann Addresses Community

Representatives of PharmaCann who attended the community meeting answered questions and concerns that community members had about the project. In accordance with the policy of the city, this meeting was hosted by Admiral Scott Waguespack’s Ward Office. All Chicago dispensaries need a community meeting before they open their doors.

The Director of Public and Regulatory Affairs of the company, Jeremy Unruh, assured attendees that PharmaCann would “respect the neighborhood.” They would be hiring from the neighborhood and stay dedicated to a social equity program that aims to benefit those minorities who have been historically negatively impacted by the war on drugs.

They also wanted to dispel misconceptions about their proposed dispensary location. “This is a retail location. There is no consumption on site. We are not seeking consumption if that becomes available … nothing like a bar or anything of the sort. People are coming into a very secure environment, they are purchasing a product, and they are securely leaving,” added Unruh.

PharmaCann Application Process 

The application for opening a dispensary at the Logan Square was submitted back in January by PharmaCann. During the time of submitting this application, Unruh revealed that PharmaCann was exceptionally drawn to this building because “it is a notoriously hip and vibrant community that showcases some of the best multi-cultural landscape of the state”. 

History Of The Logan Square Building 

The building which housed the Logan Square Trust and Savings Bank was built back in 1922 for the bank but was taken over by the Logan Square Medical Institute in 1970. The medical institute operated there until 2016 when the owners unanimously agreed to sell off the building. 

Adam Saffro and Mike Hagenson the new owners of the building had the building renovated and in the process carved out six (6) artsy lofts on the top floors. Once the renovation was complete, the rent for each of those lofts was placed at $2,200 to $3,100 per month. The dispensary, if approved, will be located on the first floor of the building. 

PharmaCann’s Recent Activities 

With licenses in over eight (8) states of the country, PharamaCann is currently one of the major players in the country’s cannabis industry. Currently, a number of cultivation centers, as well as dispensaries, are being run by the company. 

About four months ago, this Chicago based weed company won three spots at the city’s Cannabis Lottery. One of these locations was in the Northwest Zone while the other two were in the Cannabis Zone. PharmaCann will need approval from a number of boards and zoning offices if they are to make this plan come true.