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Oklahoma Metrc Timelines and Solutions

March 15, 2021

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) recently announced all cannabis retailers in the state are required to submit sales reports using Metrc beginning April 30, 2021. Metrc is a company that many cannabis-legal states contract to collect data, monitor inventory, and enforce compliance within the states’ regulatory framework. Since 2015, IndicaOnline POS has worked with Metrc in other legal states. Metrc will replace entirely the current monthly reporting structure in Oklahoma.  

Converting to Metrc reporting in Oklahoma is a massive undertaking. With over 10,000 licensed cannabis retailers in Oklahoma, all employees, managers, and owners must be trained in order to receive Metrc credentials. Training is free and is completed on the Metrc website here


Metrc Deadlines and Dates of Importance:

February 23rd: sign ups for Metrc New Business Training Course opens

March 1st: Metrc training begins

March 26th: Metrc training completed (credentials and user accounts)

April 30th: Metrc fully operational


Steps to Take Now

Step 1: Sign up for Metrc New Business Training Course

Step 2: Complete Metrc training

Step 3: Receive Metrc API key

Step 4: Call IndicaOnline 

For detailed information on the deadlines, go to Metrc Next Steps Overview PDF by OMMA. 


Initial Inventory

Complete an inventory count and make sure to have consistent naming parameters. Once you have completed your inventory audit, you are ready to sync your inventory to Metrc. IndicaOnline makes this process easy using our Inventory Migration Tool. The Inventory Migration Tool will upload all products, quantities, and details into your Metrc account automatically. This streamlined process only takes a few hours overnight ensuring no disruption to business. Learn more about the Inventory Migration Tool on our knowledge base. 

Reporting and Compliance

Dispensary sales reporting with Metrc is done primarily two different ways. Sales data can be submitted with a CSV export file, similar to the current reporting in Oklahoma. A better way is to have a POS and inventory system that integrates with Metrc and automatically (or a controlled push at a time of your choosing) reports to the state. This will save hours of daily manual reporting. IndicaOnline uses Metrc API in our backend development to sync seamlessly with Metrc. 

Ensuring staff members are trained is essential to stay compliant. Create clear SOPs to prevent mistakes from happening. Metrc is extremely unforgiving when it comes to reporting, and staff errors can be costly.

Metrc Costs and Requirements

Metrc’s system relies on two main components: the software and the physical tags. Metrc is a cloud-based software. The physical tags use RFID technology that contains all product information i.e. weight, price lab results. Utilizing IndicaOnline’s Inventory Migration Tool, the amount of tags needed will be determined. Package tags will cost $0.25 per product. There is a monthly fee of $40 per location for the Metrc cloud software itself. 

Resources for Learning

There will be a learning curve in training and implementing Metrc at your dispensary. With the right resources and POS system in place, there is still plenty of time to feel confident in learning Metrc. IndicaOnline has been Metrc compatible since 2015. One great resource for learning is the Official Metrc YouTube channel. Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting (RMCC) is also offering one free training session. IndicaOnline offers our 24/7 Support and knowledge base