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New Jersey Employs Metrc to Develop Cannabis Traceability System

February 24, 2022

The state of New Jersey has employed Metrc, a Florida-based software development company, to develop its licensed cannabis traceability program, which will be used to track cannabis products from seed to sales.

New Jersey set up a five-member regulatory commission to consider different contenders for the responsibility of creating the state-licensed software. Several software houses across the nation put in their applications, which were reviewed by the commission over a certain period of time.

After considering all of the candidates, the commission made their decision, and Metrc was chosen with a 5-0 vote, following which it signed a six-year contract with the state, amounting to $390,000. The software is mandated by state law after the Cannabis Regulatory Commission voted to install a cannabis inventory tracking system at the start of this year.

The system, which will be designed and implemented by Metrc, will help the state in ensuring that the key stakeholders of the marijuana market are complying with the rules and guidelines set forth pertaining to the growing of cannabis, as well as the packaging, preparation, and sale of cannabis products. This is also done to ensure that consumers get their hands on safe and high-quality products.

Apart from regulatory compliance, the cannabis traceability system will also help the authorities and dispensaries ensure that they get accurate and validated data. It would help them in sales reporting, prevent the sale of cannabis to underage individuals, and also prohibit the contamination of legal cannabis products with psychoactive or harmful compounds.