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Michigan implements Changes on Cannabis License Fees

March 22, 2022

Significant changes storm the state of Michigan as the state’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) implements changes in the process paying the application and license renewal fees, as they lower the application fees by half, and remove license renewal fee tiers.

The MRA of the state of Michigan have imposed strict rules that have brought annulling changes on the adult-use and medical cannabis systems. The rule dropped the cannabis license fee from $6000 to $3000, and removed the license renewal fee tiers.

The new rule requires new and renewal cannabis licenses to have cannabis liability insurance, and class A cannabis microbusinesses are now privileged to purchase cannabis infused products from processors.

Other benefits from the implemented rule include the creation of an adult-use education and research license, this particular license is valid for one year, and does not include an application or license renewal fee in its package. The license owner only needs to be registered to the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency has made efforts on the testing of cannabis, prior to it’s free movement. The Agency has made significant changes on how the cannabis product can be tested before its final release to the Michigan market. Products suspected to be toxic and destructive are destroyed within 90 days.

The MRA approves the operations of a curbside or drive-through in cannabis shops, but the functionality of any of the two was based on local sentiment. The MRA updated the labeling rules for cannabis and edibles based on this.

All of these rules and changes were implemented as of September, 2021. And these are the latest updates and developments to the evolving cannabis industry in Michigan. As at the passing of this proposals, Rick Thompson, the NORML’s Executive Director admitted that the privilege given to Class A cannabis microbusinesses to purchase cannabis and other edibles from other licenses was a “huge” step.