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IndicaOnline Integrates Wireless Terminals for Cashless Payments

September 9, 2020

Processing cannabis payments with a cashless ATM is not only the safest transaction for your dispensary, but also the most familiar to customers. IndicaOnline is pleased to announce our latest integration: wireless terminals for debit card payments. Simply setup a merchant account with TransactFirst and pair with the Dejavoo or Clover terminal to accept the cashless payment. 

Cashless ATMs

Cashless ATMs allow cannabis retailers to process payments from debit cards without breaking any federal cannabis banking laws. The transaction is similar to withdrawing cash from an ATM, but the POS approves the withdrawal amount rounding up to the nearest $5. The customers will get the payment variance in cash change. The transaction appears as a cash withdrawal on the customer’s bank statement, and the funds are then transferred into the retailer’s merchant account. You can connect one terminal to one POS register.

User Experience

Cannabis consumers dread awkward and sometimes costly cash transactions just as much as cannabis retailers do. Using a debit card reader and entering a pin is a familiar and easy experience for customers. In fact, sales rise dramatically as customers typically spend much more money with a card than they do with cash. Customers are limited by how much cash they have in their pocket. Cannabis sales continue to set records across the country, even with the COVID-19 pandemic. The user experience– from your online store’s branding to the way your customer checks out— is essential to the survival of your cannabis business.  

Cashless ATM payments are a great way to streamline, simplify, and grow your cannabis business— all while satisfying customers. Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about our brand new cashless ATM integration.