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Boost Dispensary Sales for Holidays!

December 22, 2022

One of the busiest shopping times of the year is over the winter holidays, and the cannabis sector is no exception. Due to the excitement of holiday shopping, cannabis sales significantly surge during this time. You must have the appropriate merchandise on your shelves in the proper quantity if you want to make the most of this season.

The retail stores must be prepared to meet customers’ needs and expectations over Christmas and New Year to provide the most excellent possible customer experience.  

Cannabis dispensaries can take advantage of implementing various marketing promotions. There are many examples online that might serve as inspiration for marketing campaigns that rebrand your retail stores.

Cannabis shops may better predict how the holiday and new year’s periods will function under normal circumstances since most customers have resumed their daily habits following the pandemic. This blog can serve as the basis for planning and developing strategies to enable beginning retailers to succeed in 2023 sales.

Creating a Holiday Environment

First, decorate your dispensary with eye-catching holiday decorations to infuse the atmosphere with cheer and get customers in the holiday spirit. Giving your dispensary staff uniforms with holiday themes might inspire them to be imaginative. Customers and employees both enjoy being in such a spirit.

In addition, you should take into account and be aware of the restrictions placed on how you can advertise your cannabis retail businesses on your websites, social media accounts, and any other third-party e-commerce platforms you may be using. 

Set a High Priority on Customer Service Solutions

Try to establish an express lane to speed up customer flow to keep them from walking away due to long waits or a lack of parking spaces since the holidays are always associated with crowded stores. Unhappy customers are less likely to return. 

The first step in attracting visitors is to have a welcoming entrance. It is also your first chance to welcome them with enticing holiday displays and deals. Another option is to display pricey things closer to the entrance and check-out area or in themed areas around the store and steer traffic counterclockwise.

To provide customers with the opportunity to save money, you can also employ promotional strategies like giving one away when two products are purchased or offering discounts in the run-up to Christmas. It should be highlighted that referral marketing is also a smart marketing strategy for holidays. A consumer who recommends a client, as well as the person they recommend, can both receive a specific discount.

Cannabis will probably play a more significant role in the holidays as the recreational culture develops, just as alcoholic beverages and festive fare. The availability of Christmas gift sets and gift bags is growing among sellers. Additionally, customers are purchasing and giving unique holiday gifts. Glassware, high-end dab rigs, and other cannabis-related accessories open up a whole new world of gift-giving possibilities. 

Additionally, you may give your customers more points – loyalty rewards for particular purchases. Such a promotion encourages customers to make larger purchases to get closer to receiving exceptional gifts. The majority of people think of giving gift cards as giving loved ones the freedom to purchase whatever they choose; in cases where consumers are short on cash, they can use the cards to make purchases. 

Plan Fun Activities to Attract People!   

As a cannabis dispensary, you can plan events to draw customers and make the holiday season memorable by providing them with impromptu performances or Christmas-themed drinks to keep them warm during the chilly winter days. The holidays can sometimes be stressful and exhausting for people, so you could advertise your products by offering them indica strains, calming teas, milk chocolate, a Pink Passion Wine, etc. 

The Holiday season is outstanding with its possibilities to focus on customers willing to buy gifts for their family members, friends, or themselves. As always, we are thrilled to be at your disposal while organizing special events in this regard. Our inventory and sales data will help you manage your marketing proposals and sales and prepare for a desirable holiday season.