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California Releases Marijuana Labelling and Packaging Statutes

November 9, 2017

It seems as though the California Department of Public Health may have released the latest marijuana labelling and packaging requirements for manufactured cannabis sooner than expected. These statutes will directly affect the majority of products carried in your dispensary from edibles to pre-packaged flower.

Understanding the new regulations will assist you cannabis business in staying compliant. Below we’ve provided a list of the basic marijuana labelling and packaging requirement for the State of California.


  • Products are not allowed to be attractive to children or easily confused with candy/foods that do not contain cannabis.

  • Packages are required to be tamper-evident, child-resistant, re-sealable, and labeled.

  • Every marijuana product must be traced by assigning unique ID numbers for identification and tracking.


  • Every product should be labelled with the following information:

  • The date of manufacturing and packaging contained.

  • All known allergens such as wheat and nuts.

  • The product source and date of cultivation.

  • The number of servings per package and recommend dosage.

  • All pharmacologically active ingredients such as THC or CBD and amount (mg per serving).

  • Display the phrase "FOR MEDICAL USE ONLY" for medicinal cannabis patients.

  • Provide the universal symbol for cannabis.

  • Include the Government Warning (specific language provided here.)

It’s clear to see the importance and relevance of marijuana labelling and packaging for your medical dispensary or cannabis retailer. Risking a compliance violation is never an option, and having the ability to customize labels with the above information will greatly benefit your business.

Many marijuana dispensaries implement prepackaging product to help prevent loss of inventory and efficient transaction times. Being prepared to make label adjustment as regulations become more detailed will empower your cannabis business and save on printing costs. 

Smart dispensary POS systems, such as IndicaOnline, integrate with high-speed label printers that will help you create state compliant labelling that also includes your own branding. Browse our hardware accessories to make your increase the capability of your marijuana POS system.