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Attracting New Clients to Your Dispensary: Everything You Need to Know

October 1, 2021

In 2020, the global legal marijuana market size was valued at USD 9.1 billion. What is more, it is expected to expand even further. So, taking advantage of the current situation is of high importance for both your business growth and brand success.  

However, even if you already have a solid clientele, you can’t stop there. Keeping your current cannabis consumers satisfied with your services and products, as well as attracting new promising clients, is what you need to focus on to boost profits and beat your competitors. In other words, you need to constantly work on getting your brand in front of the audience that can benefit you the most.  

To succeed in it, make sure you understand your clients and know how to increase your brand awareness. That’s why creating a thorough plan based on all of this data is your number one priority. And, as you might have guessed, we’re ready to assist you to make it work.  

Not sure how to do this? In this article, we’ll share a breakdown of various types of possible clients and share some tips on how to attract them. 

7 types of dispensary customers  

Different types of customers are drawn to different things, so you must know what to be aware of to get them. Let’s have a closer look at the main ones. As well as their interests, preferences, and concerns. 

Attract new shoppers  

Do you fancy getting more clients? Then new shoppers are your number one priority. These potential customers usually need some guidance or expertise, as they may never have tried your products before. Creating a pleasant atmosphere and making a good first impression is a sure way to make them stay and keep inquiring. The more useful information they get from you, the more likely they are to stay and buy something. However, don’t provide too many details or pieces of advice if they’re uncalled for. Plying them with unnecessary tips or irrelevant recommendations might have the reverse effect. This way you’re likely to scare them off and make them lose interest.    

Pay attention to tourists  

Have you thought about potential clients from other places? I mean the ones who live in areas where cannabis is still illegal. In this case, you are likely to be their main option. So, you can’t but make full use of them. Keep in mind that they can also be new to this kind of marketplace. This is where professional and patient staff will be of high importance. Be ready to answer any of their questions and direct them in the early stages of the buyer’s journey. Even if they don’t purchase anything in the end, they are likely to spread the word about your brand to other travelers and out-of-towners.  

Appeal to experience seekers   

Be ready to encounter new promising clients during holidays or at weekends. Since some people are interested in having a good time to unwind after a long work week, they usually tend to try something new. And, of course, they’re ready to splash out. Knowing that they might walk into new dispensaries in search of new products, pay attention to making your displays and marketing materials look eye-catching and intriguing. Your main concern here is how to encourage them to try something new, so this is one way to succeed in it. And, of course, be as useful as possible in case they have any questions or concerns.   

Think about deal seekers  

Pay attention to deal seekers as well. Drawn to special offers and discounts, they need a reason to choose exactly your dispensary. You can use email marketing solution by IndicaOnline to make a special offers to your clients. In other words, announcing a sale or a special offer is a must if you wish to outplay your competitors. It might be a good idea to offer specials for new customers to give them a reason to come back to you. On the other hand, don’t neglect already existing clients and come up with offers specifically for them. It’s a good way to create a solid customer base. People generally like to find ways both to purchase something they want and to save some money. Even if this sum of money is rather insignificant.  

Don’t neglect locals  

Never forget about potential clients living nearby! As great as the previous types of customers may look, the chances of making them a part of your constant clientele are much lower in comparison to the locals. Close proximity to your vendor and daily commuting not far from you may be at your advantage. So, it might be wise to cater to this type of customer as well. Give some consideration to implementing happy hours, neighborhood discounts, and early-bird specials. Moreover, make it possible for your clients to order ahead and pick up their purchases when they’re ready and want to.   

Welcome pedestrians  

Consider making your dispensary look inviting to anyone passing by. Window-shoppers are mostly attracted by the visuals. As a rule, they don’t intend to buy anything at first. So, to turn them into your possible clients, make your storefront look clean and trustworthy. It’s important for them to understand what kind of products you sell. After that, in case it works out and they come inside, do your best to be at their service.  They need a reason to stay, so this is where your guidance comes into play. Along with a great variety of products on display, of course.  

Motivate groups  

Don’t forget about niche groups! Usually, veterans, industry professionals, and senior citizens enjoy getting recognition for their service and experience. A sense of respect and hospitality is the main reason for them to feel welcomed. Consequently, snatch an opportunity to pay your obeisance to them. You can do it by offering cart specials or discounts. Moreover, sometimes they visit stores on the recommendation of friends or colleagues, so appealing to them can only do you good.   

6 ways to get new dispensary customers  

Knowing what types of clients you are likely to encounter in your dispensary is the first step. Focusing on different ways and tactics to capture their attention and make them purchase your products is the next thing you need to consider. That’s why now we are going to give you some useful tips on that. 

cannabis dispensary, how to attract new clients, types of dispensary customers

Refine your brand  

First things first. Start with giving some consideration to your brand image. And it’s not only about your name and logo. Focusing on establishing your main goal, culture, visuals, and development is what can benefit you a lot.  

cannabis dispensary, how to attract new clients, types of dispensary customers

The main part is to make people associate your brand with high-quality products and great service. There are different characteristics that you may need to pursue – for instance, innovation, value, accessibility, variety, or novelty. As a rule, every business focuses on what’s most important and relevant at a given moment. So, choose what can avail you and work on it.   

Pay attention to your dispensary layout and storefront. The trick is to make a really good first impression on potential customers. Your storefront has to be likable and easily defined in order to attract passers-by. As for your layout, keep it clean and diverse. Your clients need to have a clear idea of what they’re looking at and potentially buying. They also must have a wide range of options. Don’t forget about creating safe distancing and following the usual safety precautions required during the pandemic.  

Work on your online presence   

Make full use of unifying your brand on your social media accounts, on your website, and various directories and review websites, such as Google My Business, Trip Advisor, Weedmaps,, etc. This will improve your online visibility and SEO performance thanks to links driving useful traffic back to your website.  

cannabis dispensary, how to attract new clients, types of dispensary customers

Besides, work on optimizing your profile with relevant and fresh information. Customers need to have a clear vision of your products and services.   

Moreover, keep track of all the reviews you get for your dispensary. Always respond to them and answer any questions. This type of engagement with clients is a sure way to improve and maintain your online credibility, as well as create a solid customer base.   

Make your website mobile responsive  

Don’t forget about people shopping online. Lots of them find out about your brand from different links on Google or local directories. And knowing that in 2020, mobile devices generated 52.2 % of global website traffic you simply can’t underestimate the importance of optimizing your website and making it mobile responsive.

cannabis dispensary, how to attract new clients, types of dispensary customers

It means, for instance, optimizing for different types of screens, making your phone number clickable in any area of your website page, adding a Google maps link, etc. All of these actions will boost your online presence and make it possible for your regular and new clients to do the shopping anywhere and anytime they want. 

Curate your products  

Conduct some regular research and find out what products are more popular. Verify that they are in stock and you won’t run out of them.   

All products in your store must be labeled and named in such a way that your customers can easily identify them and get all the necessary information they might need.   

cannabis dispensary, how to attract new clients, types of dispensary customers

Not only is it of high importance to supply your clients with products in demand, but it’s also your duty to take into account trends in novelties and unusual tastes. Adding some new or exotic products may help you stand out from your direct competitors. As a rule, listening to your customers’ recommendations and reading their reviews can be of great assistance in choosing what to include in your product catalog. Variety is the key.  

Taking care of your online menu is another important tool in your collection. Make sure you present your products in a professional and appealing way. High-quality images, user engagement, relevant and thorough descriptions, and a user-friendly interface are your allies in improving your online sales and attracting new customers.  

Offer specials, discounts, and benefits  

Don’t hesitate to be creative and original. The hardest part is to attract customers for the first time. It requires a lot of creativity, hard work, and enthusiasm. But once you succeed in it, your service and variety of products will make them shop with you again and again. So, what’s the catch?  

Keep in mind that special events and holidays are at your service when you want to get new clients.  These days it’s not wise to gather a lot of people in one place, so make a good thing of presenting your specials on delivery and order ahead.   

cannabis dispensary, how to attract new clients, types of dispensary customers

You can also make a profit on your online menu. Add some discounts and special offerings so that people won’t have to visit your store to get them. Also, don’t forget about your website and social media accounts. They can help you spread the word and encourage your current customers to share the news about your products and specials as well.  

Similar to holiday discounts, multi-buy promotions created specifically for particular types of customers can help you both to clear some inventory and to increase sales.  

Tending to specific customer groups, such as locals, senior citizens, veterans, and cannabis industry professionals is highly efficient and helpful in alluring and retaining regular customers. There is no necessity for them to shop somewhere else if they can get special discounts at yours. Different dispensaries offer different specials. Some prefer Early Bird Specials, where you get discounts for shopping before 9 AM. Others choose Happy Hour deals, which also provide customers with discounts during a slow sales time. Some dispensaries give discounts to clients wearing their merch or shopping at their stores for the first time.  

The variety of dispensary specials is truly amazing. Just choose what suits you best and enjoy the results. 

Capture foot traffic  

Take advantage of your location. It plays an important role in attracting potential clients. The more people walk by your store on a daily basis, the higher your chances of attracting new customers are. However, there are some things you need to take into account to make it work.   

Your name and logo have to clearly show what kind of products you sell. If necessary, add some extra information or signs. People passing by and willing to enter need to have a clear picture of what they can find behind your doors.  

cannabis dispensary, how to attract new clients, types of dispensary customers

Local businesses can also help you drive new customers into your store. Collaboration with them is a win-win situation for both of you. This type of promotion can take the form of flyers, coupon cards, promo codes, and other discount offerings. Give some consideration to local events as well. There, you can find new potential customers and count on mutually beneficial cooperation with other businesses nearby.   


So now that you know about different types of customers and ways of attracting and keeping them, don’t hesitate to make full use of this knowledge. Don’t forget that no matter how great your dispensary is, you need to make sure that possible customers notice it and stay devoted to you for a long time.   

Focusing on all of these tips at once might not be effective, but taking one step at a time and giving some extra effort will benefit you a lot. Driving new clients through your doors is a tricky, but truly beneficial challenge in a highly competitive world of cannabis retailers. So, go for it and it will pay you off!