WeedMaps and IndicaOnline partnered up to provide live updates to your online menu

IndicaOnline Now Offers A Fully Integrated Solution With Weedmaps.

IndicaOnline’s latest system update includes full integration with Weedmaps, the first and most comprehensive marijuana directory on the planet. With this synchronized solution, updates are seamlessly transmitted from each dispensary’s IndicaOnline account to the linked Weedmaps profile.

Dispensaries no longer need to update their system twice. Updating inventory, adjusting prices, or listing products that are out of stock has never been simpler. With IndicaOnline’s integration, Weedmaps receives updates immediately and automatically, saving time and eliminating the possibility of error.

Simplifying operations by removing the need to build the menu twice, new dispensaries can easily build a customized menu with IndicaOnline’s progressive and innovative software, instantly synchronizing it with the corresponding Weedmaps account.

IndicaOnline is the leading POS and EMR platform for the medical cannabis industry. With IndicaOnline’s software, monthly reports are automatically generated to fulfill each State’s specific requirements. Monthly reports are automatically kept up to date and in full compliance with all rules and regulations seamlessly and effortlessly.

Founded in 2010, IndicaOnline’s world-class services have been purpose-built with any size MMJ organization in mind. From administration, electronic medical records and innovative data management tools to expenses and collections, IndicaOnline’s cutting edge technology streamlines and simplifies operations. With safety, security and well being as a priority, confidential information is kept completely private. Software is HIPAA certified, meeting and exceeding security standards set for data transmission, encryption and storage of patient medical records.

With the new Weedmaps integrated system solution, there has never been a better time to start utilizing IndicaOnline’s platform solutions. Remove the risk error, start saving time and money and grow your business with IndicaOnline.

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