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Earn the highest commissions on referrals Make up to $358 per customer by joining the free IndicaOnline Affiliate Program When you sign up for the IndicaOnline  Affiliate Program we'll give you a special link to IndicaOnline that you can share through an ad, Facebook post, on your blog, a tweet – however you choose! You'll earn income for every customer that signs up for IndicaOnline through your link. Sign up to be a IndicaOnline  Affiliate We offer two commission options 200% Per Sale Per-sale commissions mean that you earn 200% of a customer’s subscription fee each time you refer someone to IndicaOnline . You can make up to $358 per sale! 20% Of Each Bill For each customer you refer to IndicaOnline, you’ll get 20% of their monthly IndicaOnline bill, including transaction fees – for as long as they are a IndicaOnline customer. You can make more than $35 per month for every customer you refer Anyone can be an affiliate Are you a blogger? Monetize your blog by adding IndicaOnline banners or affiliate links to your posts. Why not make the most of your site traffic by promoting one of the strongest brands in the industry? Are you a publisher? Use any online marketing medium you can to refer customers: email, media buys, PPC, contextual, Facebook or Twitter. The sky’s the limit! Attract new leads with our free resources Marketing Materials We’ve created banners, templates, and handouts for you to help your promotions. Monthly Newsletters Our Affiliate Newsletter outlines new features, upcoming events, and recommended reading. IndicaOnline Affiliate Dashboard Your dashboard lets you see exactly how much money you’re making, when your next payment is, and how many clicks you’ve generated. Industry-leading conversion rates We have some of the highest conversion rates in our industry. Partner with us and have confidence that you’re getting the most from your site traffic. Earn referral comissions as a IndicaOnline Affiliate

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