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Data Encryption IndicaOnline is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption, keeping all information secure and within HIPAA compliance. Additionally, IndicaOnline is the ONLY software solution that goes beyond HIPPA protocol by providing 256-bit encryption to all transactions, patient profiles, and inventory.
Staff Logins Create unlimited employee profiles with individual login access codes. Configure access permissions for each employee, offering multiple levels of permissions for delivery drivers, marketing representatives, bud tenders, etc..
Time Clock Easily keep track of employee hours for improved payroll and shift management. Our Time Clock supports unlimited employees as a comprehensive employee time and attendance system.
Instant Notifications You are able to customize which employees receives notifications for new customers, new orders, when order is delivered and more…
Automatic Updates IndicaOnline seamlessly updates itself automatically. You can forget about annoying installation and endless system updates. Enjoy all of the new features and improvements implemented immediately on your interface as they are released. We are constantly improving our system and listening to our customer’s feedback, which means you help us to make this product more convenient and useful.
Free Import / Export We offer simple transfer of your full existing patient profiles into our system completely free. Add new patient information by simple swipe of an ID card or input manually. Indica Online also supports client databases in Excel and CSV formats. Following a couple simple steps you are able to import your current database into the system.

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