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4 Advantages to Integrating Cannabis Dispensary Software

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Every marijuana retailer can benefit from integrating their cannabis dispensary software with other digital technology. Doing so not only saves man hours but will improve customer satisfaction across the board.

Today, we’ll cover some the biggest advantages of integrating cannabis dispensary software for your marijuana business.

Up-To-Date Menu

One of the best parts of using a sophisticated dispensary POS software is the ability to integrate your inventory with your website menu. Simply installing a woocommerce plugin for your WordPress website will sync your current stock and automatically update your online product listing.

Not only does integrating cannabis dispensary software save employees from constantly updating the menu, but it will prevent customers from being misled. Since often times clientele will browse online menus before ever entering a cannabis retailer, making sure the information is correct will avoid embarrassing out-of-stock incidents.

Ecommerce Sales

Integrating your cannabis dispensary software with an online webstore can significantly boost sales and grow your clientele. Introducing ecommerce into your business will allow customers to shop for their favorite products, add them to their cart and choose whether they prefer to pick-up in store or have their order delivered.

Online shopping has quickly become the preferred way to buy any product so by enabling this functionality your business could see a huge jump in sales. Once orders are placed, dispensary staff can track the status of each order with IndicaOnline’s comprehensive dashboard. You can even setup the option to receive notification by text or email every time an order is placed.

Third-Party Listings

While creating and maintaining your dispensary website is vital to the success of your business, it’s also important to add your marijuana retailer to popular third-party listing sites. IndicaOnline provides integration with sites such as Weedmaps and Potify that can greatly increase the visibility of your brand.

Utilizing these listings is imperative to raise awareness about your cannabis retailer. Potify in particular offer dispensaries the option to create their own webpage that can be used as a second ecommerce platform. Fortunately, integrating your cannabis dispensary software can be accomplished with ease by simply entering an API key.

Digital Display

Installing digital signage in your cannabis retailer will create a dynamic customer experience that is not soon forgotten. One feature that is unique to IndicaOnline’s cannabis dispensary software is the ability to integrate your POS system with digital displays. We’ve developed an iOS application that can be downloaded on Apple TV generation 4 or higher that can sync directly with your account.

Displaying real-time menus, daily discounts, entertaining videos, and a customer queue will help boost sales and customer retention. Creating custom playlists from your IndicaOnline account will allow you to target specific demographics and take your in-store advertising to the next level. To receive a step-by-step tutorial on all the way to integrate your cannabis dispensary software schedule a demo with one of our qualified training representatives.

Hey, like this? Why not share it with a buddy?

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