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IndicaOnline is 100% paperless, providing a faster, more secure and efficient way to manage your whole collective from any location. Patients can seamlessly fill out your collective agreement using a touchscreen device in just seconds, sign it digitally and save to their profile. Upload 100% of patients’ paperwork directly into their profile. Instant access to all patient files is just one click away. Our system is designed to be both web-based and offer a touchscreen user interface. As a result, the product is highly differentiated and easy-to-use. Patient registration is easily completed electronically and immediately stored securely in the cloud. We offer functionality for charting, medication management, order management and document archive, among other capabilities. On each patient profile page you can access basic information: contact information, list of patient recommendations with expiration dates, history of visits and acquired medications, notes, document archive, all account activity and updates. The system can also be configured to meet a collective’s specific agreement preferences and custom forms can be implemented to work with our touchscreen technology.

Hey, like this? Why not share it with a buddy?

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