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Electronic Intake and Exam Forms

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100% paperless, providing a faster, more secure and efficient way to manage your practice from any location. IndicaOnline EMR intake and exam forms are formatted electronically and customized for your practice’s specific needs. Work efficiently and increase your productivity by saving time with online forms and easy one-touch transactions. This electronic process eliminates error, streamlines communication and allows physicians to spend more time on patient care.

Patients are able to complete intake forms electronically using a designated tablet in minutes. Instant access to all patient files is just one click away, as you easily upload all of the patient’s paperwork directly into their profile.

Once the patients are checked in, Physician instantly gains access the patient record from their own personalized interface on a computer or mobile device.

Doctors will not longer have to fill out long and tedious evaluation forms, but simply check applicable boxes and fill necessary fields from their mobile device. The electronic evaluation forms can be preset and customized according to the physician’s preference.

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