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Bonus Points & Loyalty Referral System

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IndicaOnline has an extensive built in robust promotional and marketing management system to
help grow your collective. Our intuitive marketing tools allow you to get to know your patients,
send bulk texts or emails with personalized greetings, contact your patients with information
about special events, promotions, create loyalty programs based on referrals and more… Our
software generates easy to read detailed and in-depth donation reports. From here you will find
out donation stats for any given period of time, new patient registrations growth and marketing
results. Easily keep track of each promotion or referral by specific magazines, web promotions,
client referral, etc. and measure the results by comparing donation profit against your expenses.
This system will help you to track efficiency, make strategic decisions and adjust to improve your
current strategy.

Adjust the donation values during promotional seasons and track the results. IndicaOnline allows
you to have regular as well as promotional donation values for particular product, category or
weight equivalents (5 gram = 1/8).

Organize your marketing campaigns by using bonus points. This system automatically credit
bonus points for the patient whenever making a donation or referral, which can be used towards
future discounts.

We have built in an email campaign platform, which allows you to send a custom email campaign
to your entire list, or divide your list into groups and segment by interest, location, or activity.

We also have designed a marketing rep check-in verification system, which guarantees your
marketing materials make it to their destination. Using our GPS enabled marketing reps check-in
verification system, track when your marketing materials have been delivered to their destination
by your marketing reps.

Hey, like this? Why not share it with a buddy?

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