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Appointments Scheduling

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Use our seamless scheduling and notification features for your multiple locations. Our scheduling tool is powerful and intuitive with a seamless and fully integrated end-to-end appointment workflow. With IndicaOnline EMR, keeping track of appointments and scheduling is effortless and efficient. Through our scheduling system, you can easily set automated email, text or phone call reminders for your patients to reduce the number of your patients’ missed appointments. You can also set up notifications for each time a new patient makes an appointment.

Our system allows patients to sign up for appointment automatically online. With this new patient information, you can create a new patient file with just one click. We have built in calendaring tools and self-service scheduling that syncs immediately with the calendar on all mobile devices, Android, IOS as well as Outlook. Effortlessly and efficiently manage the schedule for multiple locations.

Our scheduling system has multiple customization options where you can easily adjust slot settings for appointment time length and manage office hours. Effectively manage and sync schedules for multiple offices and also allows double bookings to accommodate for multiple doctors. Doctors are able to stay up to date with their real time schedule and utilize our notification system.

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